The Vow

Combat Bow

  • Impact
  • Accuracy
  • Stability
  • Handling
  • Reload Speed
  • Aim Assistance
  • Airborne Effectiveness
  • Zoom
  • Recoil Direction
  • Draw Time
    580 ms

Lightweight Frame


Recurve Bow. Draw quickly and move faster while this weapon is equipped. [Reload] : Use while drawn to cancel the shot.

Weapon masterwork

Weapon mods

  • Radar Tuner

    Weapon Mod

    Radar immediately returns when you stop aiming down sights.

  • Sprint Grip

    Weapon Mod

    Temporarily increases the weapon's ready speed and aim down sights speed after sprinting.

  • Freehand Grip

    Weapon Mod

    Increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip.

  • Icarus Grip

    Weapon Mod

    Moderately increases airborne effectiveness.

    • Airborne Effectiveness+ 15
  • Major Spec

    Weapon Mod

    Deals extra damage against powerful enemies.

    7.8% damage increase to Major (Shield and Downward Triangle Badge) combatants. This includes Champions and Minibosses.

  • Quick Access Sling

    Weapon Mod

    Increases this weapon's ready and stow speed.

  • Taken Spec

    Weapon Mod

    Increased damage against Taken enemies.

    10% damage increase to all Taken combatants, including Riven and Techeuns (Sedia, Kalli, & Shuro-Chi)

  • Counterbalance Stock

    Weapon Mod

    Reduces recoil deviation for the weapon.

    • Recoil Direction+ 15
  • Boss Spec

    Weapon Mod

    Increases damage against bosses and vehicles.

    7.8% damage increase to Boss (Diamond Badge) combatants.

  • Targeting Adjuster

    Weapon Mod

    This weapon gains better target acquisition.

    • Aim Assistance+ 5
  • Backup Mag

    Weapon Mod

    Increases magazine.

    • Magazine+ 50
  • Full Auto Retrofit

    Weapon Mod

    Holding down the trigger will fire this weapon at full auto.

  • Radar Booster

    Weapon Mod

    Slightly increases the range at which radar detects enemies.

  • Minor Spec

    Weapon Mod

    Deals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies.

    7.8% damage increase to Minor (Square Badge) combatants.

Weapon perks

  • Polymer String


    Unbreakable bowstring. • Slightly increases accuracy • Slightly faster draw time

    • Accuracy+ 5
    • Charge Time+ 1000
    • Draw Time+ 860
  • Natural Fletching


    Feather-light with good control. • Slightly decreases accuracy • Greatly increases stability

    • Accuracy- 5
    • Stability+ 15
  • Rapid Hit


    Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed.

    Stacks up to 5, lasts for 2s. Reload is given a multiplier bonus along with stat increases per stack. • 1x: 2 Stability, 5 Reload Speed (0.99x) • 2x: 12 Stability, 30 Reload Speed (0.97x) • 3x: 14 Stability, 35 Reload Speed (0.96x) • 4x: 18 Stability, 45 Reload Speed (0.94x) • 5x: 25 Stability, 60 Reload Speed (0.93x)

  • Archer's Tempo


    Draw time decreases after every precision hit.

    Decreases Draw Time by 25% for 3 seconds.


Extras are still work in progress!